• BUSINESS VENTURES. Assists startup business ventures/enterprises with the following services: enterprise architecture, profitability models, turnarounds, business models, risk assessment, performance metrics, brand development, business plans, financial plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, market positioning, and performance score cards.
  • PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES. Performs as a business advisor. Builds and develops businesses for professional athletes and high net worth individuals who have an interest in lucrative ventures and acquisitions. Protects and advises clients against business scams and bad business ventures.
  • STATE LOTTERY WINNERS. Performs as a business advisor to state lottery winners. Assist them with building startup business ventures. Protects and advises clients against business scams and bad business ventures.


  • Acquisitions include small to mid-sized firms that are under performing and/or have acceptable levels of net profitability. Acquire small firms with acceptable net worth and growth potential; franchises with target markets that have potential for growth and global expansion.


  • Acquiring a consulting franchise with potential annual sales of $175,000 in first year of operations.
  • Developing a $1.5 million restaurant venture on Northeast region with possible franchising potential.
  • In talks with a software and internet-based firm that offers training for licensing.
  • Working on $220 million economic development project with a foreign country to stimulate economic growth and sustainment.