Legal Expert Witness

Legal Expert Witness for Court Cases (Local, State and Federal)

Legal Expert Witness with ALM Experts® and ForensisGroup®. Provides expert witness testimony for attorneys in local, state and federal court cases. Provides expert testimony in the areas of Business, specifically Entrepreneurship and Marketing. I have experience expert witness experience with consultations, depositions, and courtroom testimony. Provide expert knowledge for the following areas:

STARTUPS/ENTERPRISES:   Business Fraud, Business Scams and Criminal Enterprises; Venture capital and acquisition; Turnarounds; Economic development; Startup ventures, Startup companies and Business ventures; Business Modeling and Business Models.

MARKETING: False Advertising; Advertising Claims and Product Claims; Social Media and Social Media Consumer Sites, Trade Dress and Packaging; Forensic Marketing (Business Forensics); Marketing issues, and Statistics & Surveys and Data Collection.

Prior Cases and Experience: Have about 5 + years of experiences as an expert witness. Many attorneys asked researcher to serve as an expert witness and provide expert testimony in local, state and federal court cases marketing, trade dress, false advertising, sales, business scams, statistics, criminal entrepreneurship and criminal businesses and enterprises, and business ventures. Most notably, provides expert testimony on business scams and multi-level marketing (MLM) and pyramid-type business ventures.

  • 2016 Settled case prior to litigation testimony: Anonymous vs. Anonymous (MLM, pyramid scheme) U.S. District Court for New York. Provided expert testimony for exaggerated product claims as well (2016). 
  • 2015 Settled case with illegal pyramid organization. Matter was settled with case with illegal pyramid organization selling health products. Providing testimony for exaggerated product claims as well. Anonymous vs. Anonymous (MLM, pyramid scheme). S. District Court in Texas. Provided expert testimony.
  • 2014 Settled case with trade dress dispute and competition dispute. Provided expert opinion and testimony on dispute case between two fastfood startup/retailers. Providing testimony for dispute concerning protect sales territory and trade agreement between two business enterprises. Anonymous vs. Anonymous (dispute)S. District Court in California.